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SIDL Fall 2015 Season Schedule Print
Written by Vidal De La Cruz   
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 00:15

The SIDL Fall 2015 Season is nearly upon us (I wasn't even done relaxing from last season's duties!) and I'm sure you're all anxious to know the key dates.  Well, here they are:

July 6     Preseason meeting (Rules Proposals)
July 10   Team Registration Forms Due
July 13   Final Vote on Rules
July 20   Week 1 start
Sep 7     Bye Week
Sep 12   Mid Season Tournament
Sep 28   Chuseok Holiday Week - No matches
Nov 16   Bye Week 
Nov 23   Playoffs start
Nov 30   Playoffs semi-finals
Dec 7     Playoff finals
Dec 19   End of Season Banquet

Yes, the first meeting is next Monday, before the Between the Seasons Tourney at Dillingers.  It will start promptly at 7pm to discuss rule change proposals - we will compile the list and the proposals that make the cut will be voted on the following week on July 13.

Also, a very important date to note is the Team Registration Forms Deadline: July 10.  We need time to develop the season schedule, so please get your team registration form completed including the 30,000 KRW registration fee and drop it off in the SIDL dropbox at Geckos by the July 10th deadline.  If not, you risk not being included in the Fall season.

The Fall 2015 Registration form will be posted on the website very soon.  Check on the Information Tab and click on Downloads and then on Team Registration Forms.  I will make an announcement once it has made it onto the website.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 June 2015 00:44
SIDL Spring 2015 End of Season Banquet Tourney Final Results Print
Written by Vidal De La Cruz   
Sunday, 21 June 2015 15:43

Thank you all for another successful season.  The newly appointed officers learned some tough lessons at the EOS Banquet and I fully apologize for the tournament delay.  Hopefully you will see the entire season as whole instead of the stumble at the end.  Jason, Eun Chul and I put in a lot of time and effort trying to keep the league running as best as we could.  For me personally, I've gained a whole new appreciation for Lonnie and Doug's tenure in office; they weren't kidding when they said this duty was really a part-time job!

The Spring 2015 End of Season Banquet paid out 3,320,000 KRW in total prize money.  Here are the payouts / Winners:

1st: 1,000,000 KRW

(Team V):  Vidal De La Cruz, Rodney Turnbull, Michael Song, Markus Rathenow

2nd: 700,000 KRW

(Team Walrus):  John McCrarey, Lito Dela Cruz, Jesse Doligas, You Sik Lee

3rd: 500,00 KRW

(Team MotherFATHERGentlemen): Gun Hoo Park, James Ungos, Jason Braedon, Bobby Post

4th: 320,000 KRW

(Team 4 Horsemen):  Lonnie Scheeptsra, Darwin Talbott, Cedric Chun, Paul Delap

5th: 200,000 KRW

(Team 1 Unlucky Guy):  Wallace Tacay, Kristy Talbott, In Suk Jang, Victoria Hong

6th: 200,000 KRW

(Team DDF):  Ryosuke Hayashi, Sam Higgins, Jason Schachter, Michelle Aveo

7th: 200,000 KRW

(Team REER):  Eugene Alvarez, Eun Chul Hwang, Rob Hart, Ricky Edwards

8th: 200,000 KRW

(Team Reinvigorated Pat):  Abel Vite, Dabu Kavanaugh, Adam Hicks, Pat Panian

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 June 2015 16:54
SIDL Spring 2015 End Of Season Banquet Tournament Print
Written by Vidal De La Cruz   
Saturday, 13 June 2015 15:26

The SIDL Spring 2015 season is drawing to a close.  But first, awards and a final tournament is in order to end it with a bang!  Below are the details: 

Seoul International Dart League

Spring 2015 end-of-season banquet

 Awards presentation, raffle, & 4-man mixed division tournament

Date: Saturday, June 20, 2015



1400 Doors open

1430 Sign-ups begin

1500 Awards presentation

1530        Registration closes

1530        Raffle

1600        Tournament starts

KRW6,000 / $6.00 for SIDL Members


Format: Blind Draw 4 Player Teams - Double Elimination – best three of five legs

Teams: Using the current end of season individual rating. Registered players will be sorted by division with rating A, B, C, & D, this list will be divided into 4 groups (1, 2, 3 & 4). Each team will have one player randomly selected from each group.

GamesFirst leg is team 1001 SIDO; Second leg is doubles & diddle will decide the game to be played (501 or cricket w/points); Third leg is singles & diddle will decide the game to be played (501 or cricket w/points); Forth leg is singles & diddle will decide (501/cricket points), Fifth leg (tie breaker) team 301 DIDO. Note: All four team members must play the team games, but each player can only play one leg of doubles or singles (strategy is very important).

The loser’s bracket will be best of THREE games ONLY!!! Doubles – Doubles – 501 SIDO team game. Note: Each player can only play one set of the doubles matches, while all four play in the team game.

Team Names: Each team will have five minutes to select a team name with no more the three words and then inform the tournament officials.

Uneven team: If the last team created is short players, from the first team eliminated, player/s of the same group level missing can join this team.

We hope to see everyone there!

Last Updated on Saturday, 13 June 2015 15:36
SIDL Spring 2015 Playoff schedule - Finals Print
Written by Vidal De La Cruz   
Thursday, 04 June 2015 20:36

We have nearly completed another successful SIDL dart season, with this coming Monday's matches to determine our division champions (8 June).  Here are the matchups:

A Division:

Dillingers Dills Pickles vs. Geckos Jeckles at Dillingers

B Division:

Dolce Vita Warm Up vs. Geckos Crew at Dolce Vita

C Division:

Sin Bin Berentzen Bears vs. Rocky Mountain Tavern Mounties at Sin Bin

D Division:

Scrooge Pub Hammers vs. Sin Bin Big Shots at Scrooge Pub

Good luck to all!

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 June 2015 20:52
SIDL Spring 2015 Playoff schedule - Semifinals Print
Written by Vidal De La Cruz   
Wednesday, 27 May 2015 08:19

Week 1 playoffs was completed this week with one match rescheduled for Sunday, 31 May, by agreement from both captains.  Next week's semifinals matchups on 1 June are as follows:

A Division:

Dillingers Dill Pickles vs. Bull & Barrel Raging Bull at Dillingers

Dillingers Dartitis Quarantine vs. Geckos Jeckles at Dillingers

B Division:

Dolce Vita Warm Up vs. the winner of Scrooge Pub Outlaws/Sin Bin Blast at Dolce Vita

Geckos Crew vs. Dillingers Projectile Dysfunction at Geckos

C Division:

Sin Bin Berentzen Bears vs. Route 66 Preds at Sin Bin

Rocky Mountain Tavern Mounties vs. Dolce Vita Bulls at Rocky Mountain Tavern

D Division:

Scrooge Pub Hammers vs. Phillies Sparrows at Scrooge Pub

Dolce Vita U & D vs. Sin Bin Big Shots at Dolce Vita

Shoot well!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 May 2015 08:28
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